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International trade - Dubai

International trade - Dubai

Why international trade in Dubai?

Establishing international trade relations can be a good way for your business to expand or, if you want to start a new company, it can mean a big business opportunity. In Dubai, the environment for business is developing fast and trade opportunities can be pursued within multiple industries.

Furthermore, Dubai can serve as a link between trade in Europe and Asia.

 We will help you every step of the way

 For both companies interested in starting new international trade relations and companies already active in the field, H I Law Firm offers help and guidance throughout the whole process.

1. We will form and review your agreements - It is particularly important with a clear and well articulated contract when the other contracting party originates from another country, where other conventions and approaches to agreements could apply.
2. We will ensure that you are granted a strong position in relation to the other contracting party - we can make sure your positioning result in you having the possibility and resources to assert your rights in the agreement.
3. We can offer continuous support after the contract has been finalised - completely adjusted to your wishes - Legal inquiries can arise in time. By already being aware of the interests and needs of your business, we can assist immediately in a secure and smooth way and thereby prevent possible legal conflicts. That means your company can focus on its core business and maximizing profits.

Here at H I Law Firm, we want you to have confidence in us and that we are capable of reaching the results you want and have the know-how required for the trading business to work as smooth as possible.

Our local offices

Communication with the trading partner is important. Since we have offices on multiple locations in the world, in Dubai included, we can easily communicate and negotiate with people and entities at site and we have a broad knowledge of the laws and trading customs in the country. In addition, we have good contact with banks, customs and authorities on site, which can be crucial when trading internationally.

It is important to create a good relationship with the trading partner. A good and effective way to do that is by being at the location, which H I Law Firm are.


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