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Migration - Dubai

Migration - Dubai

If you plan to expand your business or move your business to or from Dubai, H I Law Firm can help you throughout the whole process.

H I Law Firm will help you move your current business to, or open a local office in, Dubai. Our help is also available for you who already have a company in Dubai and are looking to move it to, or expand in, another part of the world.

To move or set up a new business in a new part of the world could mean a long and expensive process. There is a lot to be coordinated and permits to be granted. We have a wide knowledge in the field and therefore, we can make sure all parts of the process are carried out with satisfying results. We ensure that both the company is established and that the staff are granted residence permits on the new location.

We have an office in Dubai, which makes communication with, for example, banks and authorities easier. It also means we are well informed about the laws and regulations in the country. Therefore, you can rely on us that everything is handled correctly and that your interests are being taken care of.

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