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To sign a franchising agreement can be one of the most effective ways to achieve the dream of owning a leading business and make a safe investment. Signing a franchising agreement could also mean taking a few risks. It is important that you, as a franchisee, are aware of what to expect from the franchisor.

You must also know how to secure the agreement and your investments, and be aware of what your obligations towards the franchisor will be.

Do not let your business dream turn into a business nightmare

 If you are considering entering into a franchise agreement, contact one of our experienced franchise lawyers at H I Law Firm.

Deciding to do franchise business also means you, as a franchisee, have to go through many documents and a lot of information. Franchise agreements, appendices and a franchise disclosure document (FDD) are some of the documents of importance, that you should be well-aware of.

We are well-experienced franchise lawyers, and we can review the franchise agreement, the franchisor wants you to sign. With the help of our expertise, you don't have to go through all the documents yourself. We will do that for you. You are supposed to focus on your business and its plans for the future, while we do what we are the best at - protecting your interests and investments.

Contact an accomplished franchise-solicitor
To enter into a franchise agreement is a big investment decision, that requires knowledge within multiple business and legal areas.

Contact a well-experienced franchise lawyersbefore you sign a franchise agreement with a franchisor.

H I Law Firm guarantees we will do a thorough research of the possibilities and obligations you should keep in mind to succeed with your investment.

Our legal experts can give you the best legal advice out there, regarding risks and benefits with an investment of this major importance, before you sign a franchise agreement.

 Contact a franchise lawyer  at H I Law Firm

To acquire a Master franchise agreement with the help of H I Law Firm

Our unique legal service to our clients is, that we can help our clients to acquire a Master franchise agreement.

Some of our clients are big investors without the time or possibility to start this process themselves.

By having a power of attorney, we can take charge of the task and start an efficient working process to be able to deliver a final version of the Master franchise agreement according to your wishes.

We will help you evaluate exactly what type of investment that is needed and what your ongoing financial, operative and other obligations will be.

 When we look through your franchise agreement, we can negotiate with the franchisor, the things that are of importance for you and your investment.

Our goal is for you to get a Master franchise agreement, in accordance with your wishes and expectations.

We take our mission seriously and does not settle with only arranging an agreement with the franchisor for your part. We will also make sure you get a strong position in the agreement.

Legal advice throughout the whole process
Our legal services don't end when the franchise agreement has been signed by you and the franchisor. We can offer a variety of legal services also after the task to help you get the best franchise agreement possible is finalised.

We continue to support you and your business when other legal firms stop and claim they can't do anything more for you.

This service is especially popular for our clients residing outside of the borders of the EU, and who want to sign a contract with a business, or multiple businesses, in Europe or the US.

As your international legal firm we will help and support you with your business ideas.

We can provide a marketing strategy custom-made for you and your business. This way, you can soon count your business to one of the leading ones in your line of business.

Contact a franchise lawyer today!


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