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Business law - Dubai

Business law - Dubai

In business law, it is important with well articulated contracts and good, reliable business relations. It can be difficult to ensure that your own interests are accommodated for and at the same time maintain a good business relationship. Establishing business relations in Dubai can mean big expansion opportunities. It can also feel like a step out into the unknown.

Our legal expertise stretches over the whole field of business law. Regardless of whether you want to constitute a trade agreement, franchise agreement or expand your business, we can provide all the legal assistance you need.

Continuouos support leads to good and quick solutions to legal issues

At H I Law Firm, we can offer services to establish agreements and to continuously assist when legal inquires arises in time. A stable, on-going collaboration with us at H I Law Firm will result in us understanding your business relations and interests. That knowledge can be of great value when a legal issue appears.

The on-going contact with business partners is just as important as the formation of the agreement. We provide help and advise for a long time ahead. By having access to legal assistance and guidance from H I Law Firm, all legal matters that emerge can be solved in a secure and effective way.

Local office

Our office in Dubai is accessible to assist with legal expertise on location. The contact with business partners can happen at site, which is often a huge advantage, and can easily be communicated with the office in Stockholm for example.


UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts is a form of treaty created especially for international business relations. The purpose is for it to serve as a complement, and partly as a substitute, for domestic law. The regulations are formulated in a clear sense and adjusted to modern international and commercial business relationships. By referring to UNIDROIT in the agreement, the contracting parties are obliged to follow these rules primarily. If a solution cannot be found in by applying the UNIDROIT regulations, the parties can apply the domestic law agreed on in the contract. We recommend that the UNIDROIT regulations are included when forming an international agreement.


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